What is ZOMDir?


What is ZOMDir?

A jigsaw piece A tripod stool A sandcastle ZOMDir is:

  1. A directory with wiki characteristics:
    • everything is editable;
    • there is no login required;
    • to add a link, only the webaddress is required.
  2. The base of every page is the combination of:
    • language;
    • subject;
    • location.
  3. There are three seperated environments:

Learn more

To learn more about ZOMDir the following resources are available:

  1. ZOMDir's philosophy;
  2. About ZOMDir;
  3. Frequently Asked Questions;
  4. A slideshare presentation about the edit options;
  5. An introduction to ZOMDir (Prezi);
  6. Add a link in a blink (Prezi);
  7. Blog (English);
  8. Blog (Dutch / Nederlands);

Note that besides the directory there are also some spin-offs.


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